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We went to Tech Inclusion 15 and all we got was an overwhelming boost of inspiration.

Have you ever been to a tech conference and thought to yourself, “Dang, there are a lot of white guys here.”

If tech conferences were sentient beings with voices (coming soon in tech conferences 2.0!), they’d reply in a weird robotic voice: “Guilty as charged.”

That’s because,... Read More

National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month? Let’s Make It a Year.

This post isn’t about marketing or digital asset management. No lists, no how-tos, no tips.

Nope, instead let’s talk about National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. It wraps up today. But, obviously, the fight goes on from October through August as well. And a couple of our customers, St.... Read More

Watch Me Whip / Watch Me NAFE NAFE

High-fives, fist bumps and lively chatter fill our humble San Mateo headquarters.

No, we didn’t just get the details for our company holiday party (although we anxiously await those as well). Rather, we received word that our CEO Jody Vandergriff will be awarded Outstanding Entrepreneur at the National... Read More

8 Marketing Metrics That Matter to CMOs

You may spend your days obsessing over click-through rates or website visits, but those probably aren’t the metrics your CMO cares most about.

CMOs need to justify the value of marketing, so they’re looking for stats that show how marketing is helping attract and retain customers, sell products... Read More

PR and Content Marketing: The Ringleaders of Reach

You spent countless hours creating that one piece of content that you think will go viral. Then the opposite happens: A few clicks from co-workers, a “like” from your grandma, and then…



No matter how brilliant your content is, it’s only as effective as... Read More

What Your Workspace Says about You

Look around you. One co-worker has a perfectly neat, meticulously organized desk; another has post-it notes all over their monitor and a desk sprinkled with crumbs from a long-since-devoured sandwich. Most others fit somewhere in-between.

Messy. Clean. It’s easy to break down and assume personality archetypes for each... Read More

5 Ways to Amp Up Your Personalization Strategy

People have short attention spans these days: studies show we spend 10 to 15 seconds on a website before bouncing to another one.

What can marketers do to keep their audience’s attention?

Get personal. Make it about them.

Most online consumers expect a brand’s web content... Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Green Marketing Swag

Think about the last time you went to a conference – what did you end up doing with all the swag you brought home? We all know live events offer a great opportunity to network, learn about innovations in your industry and, of course, pick up loads of branded freebies.... Read More

How to Craft Clickable CTAs

It can be clever or creative, but if it doesn’t make customers take action, it’s not effective.

We’re talking about your Call to Action. CTAs are the small but important steps you ask your customers to take: click on a link to find more information, enter an email... Read More

How to Find Stock Photos That Work for Your Brand

We’ve all been there. Stakes are high. Turn-around time is short. The newest campaign is going to get a ton of visibility, and there’s a whole lot of pressure to find the perfect images that match your brand’s look and feel. And let’s face it, your brand is unique.... Read More

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