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Social Care: A Little Effort Leads to Lots of Retention

Have you ever sent an angry tweet to a company because maybe your Internet wasn’t working or your flight was canceled and you had to sleep on the floor of a dirty airport while they vacuumed around your head all night and the worst Christmas songs played on repeat?... Read More

Your Brand’s Narrative – How to Make the Audience the Hero of Your Story

Simon Sinek, in his famous TEDx talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action,” said:

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

In an ever-saturated market place, a narrative that creates a long-lasting experience for your audience is the one that creates brand loyalty.... Read More

8 Ways to Build Marketing Skills Without an MBA

Data analysis. Social media. Mobile.

Have you mastered the skills you need for the future of marketing?

As marketing becomes more technology and data-driven, modern marketers need to adopt a new set of skills to thrive. CMOs are looking for marketers who can run marketing automation platforms,... Read More

Never Miss a Deadline – 5 Tips for Creating an Effective Editorial Calendar

Whether your content team is 10 people, 20 people, or just one, creating a clear, comprehensive calendar to track the editorial process will make life a lot easier. The editorial process involves many moving parts and tracking it in one place is the only way to hit your deadlines... Read More

Experts reveal: Managing Creatives, NOT an Impossible Task

There’s simply no pinning down the creative type. Brilliant, ornery, thoughtful, delightful: some possess all of these qualities at once, while others don’t possess any.

So how does one tame the creative beast? Better yet, how does one get them to consistently produce fantastic work?

Read More

How to Select the Right Social Media Channels for Your Brand

As the smorgasbord of social media platforms continues to expand at a rapid rate, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to hone in on the most effective platforms for your business. 54% of B2B marketers reported that they generated leads from social media in 2014, so it is well worth your... Read More

How to Whip Your Brand Into Shape – Lessons from Indiana Jones

The fedora. The whip. The jacket. After 34 years, four films, a dimly remembered TV series, and a ride at Disneyland, Indiana Jones continues to loom large in popular culture.

Truth is, all Professor Jones really accomplishes is to slow down the bad guys a little… and get beaten... Read More

Need More Blog Traffic? Your Guide to Content Syndication

This is a guest-contributed post by Amanda Weatherhead, distribution manager at Contently.

With all the hype surrounding social media and native advertising, it’s easy to forget one of the more effective methods of content distribution available: paid content syndication.

Made popular by content discovery platforms like... Read More

Why Evergreen Content is Your Best Bet

Sustainable. Long lasting. Evergreen content is the type of content that is valuable long after the date it was published. This content essentially has no expiration date.

In metaphorical terms, it’s your good old kanteen, not your thin plastic water bottle. It’s your staple pair of jeans, not your... Read More

How to Be a Badass Brand Manager

The brand evangelist.

The gatekeeper.

The chief brand officer.

The one who carries a glass of whiskey in one hand, and a sketch pad in the other.

We’re not talking about a typical brand manager. We’re talking about a badass brand manager.

Learn what... Read More

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