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How to A/B Test Your Way to Success

Want to find out which call-to-action button will get the most clicks or which headline will get the most engagement?

Like many marketers, you might decide to set up an A/B test to find the better-performing headline or button.

A/B testing, or “split testing,”  has become popular... Read More

Email Marketing – 7 Tips to Improve Your Campaigns

Email is the oldest form of communication on the Internet, but it’s not going away anytime soon. In fact, 92% of people with email accounts consider it to be a valuable communication tool, according to survey results backed up by the 3.9 billion email accounts in the world. Read More

How to Build Brand Strength – 3 Essential Tips

We complain about brands an astonishing 879 million times a year on social media.

The power of brands is in the consumers’ hands, but that doesn’t mean brands have no control. Social media and digital media have made it more urgent than ever before for brands to get... Read More

How to Overhaul a Brand

Overhauling a brand or even revamping a website may seem like an overwhelming endeavor, with months of work ahead, many stakeholders to please, and most likely several iterations to go through before you release the new brand. While rebranding can present many challenges, it can also produce large payoffs,... Read More

Lead Generation vs Awareness – How to Make Both Strategies Work for Your Brand

For marketers, the choice between brand awareness and lead generation can feel like a boxing match. ‘Awareness’ fights to increase the size of your  audience, while  ‘lead gen’ limits your audience to a group of people who are willing to trade their contact information for your content.

But,... Read More

How to Repurpose Content – A Complete Guide

No one wants to be the kind of marketer who has to justify their content creation efforts later. From the early days of developing content to optimizing its performance over time, marketers need to make sure their content supports the needs of the business.

One of the most... Read More

The Definitive Guide to LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse offers much more than another way to interact with your followers. Play your cards right and your long-form post could be featured at the top of just about everyone’s newsfeed, which means increased exposure for your business. Plus, you could qualify as an influencer on LinkedIn, where... Read More

How to Build a Brand People Trust

You can feel it in your gut, but can’t always explain it. It’s hard to gain and easy to lose. And without it, your brand can’t generate customer satisfaction or loyalty.

We’re talking about trust.

While customer satisfaction and loyalty get more buzz, trust is the foundation of... Read More

7 Surprises to Look for Before You Rebrand

Some rebranding efforts breathe new life into a company while others fall flat, or worse cause the company to get eviscerated on social media. To avoid the latter, you’ll want to consider every possible pitfall. Here are seven potential surprises to keep in mind before you rebrand. 1. You Didn’t... Read More

The Psychology Behind the Brands We Love

The reasons we love a certain brand of sneakers probably has more to do with our brains than our feet. As consumers, we like to think we favor a brand because of objective factors, such as product quality or price. But insights from psychology, the study of the human mind... Read More

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