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Virtual Event: Hear How Top Brands Evolve with Modern Strategies and Technologies

What does it take to drive brand growth and continuously evolve in today’s modern world? Join us for a complimentary virtual event, where the world’s top brands will share modern strategies and new technologies they’re using today. You’ll hear from top brands, including Alaska Airlines, Elmer’s Products Inc., Skip Hop... Read More

How to Build an Adaptive Brand

The idea of having an adaptive brand is certainly not a new concept, but it is an increasingly important mandate for brands who want to compete in today’s crowded marketplace. In a marketer’s perfect world, a brand exists inside a vacuum, protected from the outside world like the Crown Jewels.... Read More

5 Reasons Why Great Brands Don’t Win Everyone’s Heart

It’s only natural that you want everyone to love your brand. But if everyone likes your brand, you’re probably doing something wrong. You’re not taking risks, trying things or even failing and learning what it takes to make your brand resonate with your true prospects. Your brand shouldn’t be for... Read More

Let’s Give ’em Something to Talk About: Your Brand

People are talking, and if you’re a marketer, you hope they’re talking about your brand. Social media has given consumers a major platform to engage with brands, from complaining about a bad experience to participating in humorous exchanges on Twitter. The art of starting a good conversation—and keeping it going—isn’t... Read More

First-date Faux Pas Brands Should Avoid

Maybe it was the guy who asked a deeply personal question before the appetizers arrived, or the gal who talked about herself without pausing to ask you a single question, or the date who wouldn’t stop talking about an ex… If you’ve ever been on a bad first date, you’ve... Read More

7 Ways to Build a Brand People Love

You can’t buy it. You can’t hurry it. And you certainly can’t force it.

We’re talking about love. We know the emotion can’t be manufactured, but many of us dream of creating brands that customers love as much as Apple or Nike.

So how do you build... Read More

Fifty Shades of Branding

From building an authoritative brand to dominating the market, what does it take to manage your brand in today’s modern world? In this safe-for-work eBook, you’ll discover best practices around brand management and telling statistics to create and sustain a successful brand. Share this eBook On Your... Read More

Branding 101: The Best Ads from the Big Game

Yesterday’s 49th Super Sunday was in line with most NFL championship games in recent years: a tight, back-and-forth contest with a thrilling finish, punctuated by ads that either played on our emotions or used humor in unexpected ways. Snickers debuted a funny new edition of its long-running “You’re not... Read More

Global Marketing Agency MKTG Learns How to Save Time Managing File Requests

Halfway through a big meeting, you realize the presentation that perfectly illustrates your point isn’t saved on your laptop. It’s stored in another department’s file-sharing system, and you don’t have access. Most of us have experienced the panic of realizing we don’t have the information we need at that crucial... Read More

How to Manage Over 100 Design Requests at Once

Every week at Shutterstock, my team receives dozens of design requests. Every so often, there will be that day where we receive more requests than we can handle. Prioritization is a must. Designers oftentimes get inundated with many different projects and tasks at once. Here are my four tips for... Read More

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