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Global Marketing Agency MKTG Learns How to Save Time Managing File Requests

Halfway through a big meeting, you realize the presentation that perfectly illustrates your point isn’t saved on your laptop. It’s stored in another department’s file-sharing system, and you don’t have access. Most of us have experienced the panic of realizing we don’t have the information we need at that crucial... Read More

How to Manage Over 100 Design Requests at Once

Every week at Shutterstock, my team receives dozens of design requests. Every so often, there will be that day where we receive more requests than we can handle. Prioritization is a must. Designers oftentimes get inundated with many different projects and tasks at once. Here are my four tips for... Read More

How to Measure Digital Asset Management ROI

Most marketing and creative professionals know that a digital asset management (DAM) platform makes their jobs easier and helps their organizations thrive. But, quantifying the value of DAM can be tricky.   Calculating return on investment (ROI) helps you measure how a DAM platform benefits your organization, so you can... Read More

WebDAM Welcomes New Content Marketing Manager

I’m excited to introduce Emilie Doolittle, WebDAM’s new Content Marketing Manager. Emilie joins us with over seven years of writing and marketing experience from a variety of companies in the Silicon Valley. Emilie’s career started off in journalism, when she wrote stories for the Mercury News and local newspapers. Then... Read More

How to Find Inspiration and Write Better Stories

Here are five ways to find inspiration, overcome writer’s block, and create better stories. Read Great Writers Read The Onion, LinkedIn’s Pulse, your favorite dating advice columnist, whatever witty, thoughtful publication triggers your writing brain and helps you get into storytelling mode. Research Oftentimes the more you read and research... Read More

What is DAM?

We’ve all run into this scenario at work before: Where is that file? I know I had it somewhere. Was it in my email? The wiki? Grrr… Why can’t I find it?! Many businesses have trouble with efficient file management, especially as they grow to have more pieces of content.... Read More

Do You Have DAM Resolutions for 2015?

With the new year in full swing, many of us resolve to exercise more, eat healthier, and stay on top of things. This applies to our work lives as well. We’re planning ahead and putting processes in place to be more organized and efficient. Part of staying organized at work... Read More

WebDAM Welcomes New VP of Sales

As WebDAM continues to grow as a company and expand our hiring efforts, we’re thrilled to announce Bob Hickey joined as Vice President of Sales. Bob brings over 20 years of enterprise sales experience. Before joining WebDAM, Bob served as Vice President of Global Field Operations at Certain Inc., a... Read More

Top Marketing Campaigns from 2014

From remarkable cause-marketing campaigns to trending buzzwords and hashtags, 2014 was chock-full of unforgettable marketing moments. Here are some noteworthy ones: Most Memorable Marketing Campaign The Ice Bucket Challenge – A.K.A. the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – was a great example of a cause that took social media channels by... Read More

What is Selfless Content Marketing?

You’ve probably seen your share of overly promotional content. It’s like the person you wish you didn’t start talking to at a party. You’re initially attracted to an enticing blog title or picture promising something interesting. Then you engage, and BAM. You’re stuck listening to a brand talk on-and-on about... Read More

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